Myths and Facts About Lice

Only 50% of people feel itchy from head lice. People feel itchy when lice bite them, not from the bugs crawling around. People taking antihistamines for allergies may never become itchy at all, and it could take up to four weeks for an infestation to make you feel anything.

There is no season for lice. It is a year-round problem.

Lice are not living in your house and re-infesting your family. Lice can only live and reproduce on a human head. Off the head, adult lice die within 24-36 hours and they only lay nits (lice eggs) on a human head.

The over-the-counter pesticides and prescription treatments have become less effective as the lice have grown resistant to the pesticides they contain. Product failure is part of the reason for the high level of lice outbreaks. People using these products follow all the directions, do an overwhelming amount of housework and in two or three weeks find that they have lice again. If this has happened to you, it’s not your fault! You did not have the right products, tools and instructions to truly get rid of lice.

Special house cleaning products, sprays and laundry additives are completely unnecessary. Using the heat of the dryer or vacuuming items that have had contact with someone’s head is all you need to do. Services that sell these items are taking advantage of their customers.

At any given time, 3% of all school-aged children have lice.

How You Get Lice

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The Life Cycle of Lice

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Facts 101

1. A louse is one bug, lice are plural. Nits are the lice eggs. Sometimes nits are referred to as hatched nits but we refer to the nits as viable eggs
2. Lice are wingless bugs that range in size from as small as a pencil point to the size of a small ant. (2mm to 4mm) Lice and nits can range in color from tan to dark brown
3. Lice do not jump or fly, they only crawl. Lice have 6 legs with claws at the end designed to cling to the hair shaft and they are masters at hiding
4. An adult female louse can lay 3-5 waterproof, hard to remove nits 2 times a day.
5. Lice do not live on our pets
6. Lice do not burrow and they must be on a human head in order to survive
7. Nits, once removed from the head, are harmless

1. Hair color does not kill lice, it colors lice
2. Boys do get lice. Even boys with very short hair or buzz cuts
3. Many moms get lice from their kids even if they never had lice when they were kids
4. Hairspray and gel are not lice deterrents but mint and citronella are
5. Lice like hair whether it is clean or dirty
6. Lice do not fly or jump. They crawl from one head to another through head to head contact or personal items like brushes, hats or helmets