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Have you recently gotten a call from the school nurse saying that your child has head lice? Don’t panic and try to handle the situation by yourself. Lice is often difficult to spot and it's difficult to get rid of. Cure your lice problems with the professionals at the Lice Center of the Jersey Shore, located in the West Long Branch area. Schedule your appointment today.

Read about our detailed treatment process and what to bring to your lice removal appointment. Our treatments are safe and pesticide-free. Call us today at 732-440-4760 to receive your chemical-free cure to all of your head lice problems.

Our Lice Removal Treatment Process

Be Lice-Free With 1 Simple Treatment!

Our Treatment Process

Step 1

Start by combing out the lice. This comb-out is a very important part of the process, because the lice will not come out by themselves. Even though the lice are desiccated, they need to be removed. If a large amount of lice are present, additional comb-out time may be necessary.

Step 2

This part of the lice treatment is done at home. Each family receives a tailor-made schedule that includes every member of the household. This plan is simple to follow so you can leave Lice Center of the Jersey Shore knowing exactly what to do.


Education and communication. Every parent and caregiver is educated during treatment about house cleaning, how to do a head-check and the importance of communication with regards to their lice situation. Most people expect to do more house cleaning than we suggest. Our “Great Clean Up” tip sheet will direct you through practical clean-up procedures to both assure the threat of re-infestation from the environment is eliminated and also get your family back to a normal life ASAP!

What to Bring to your Appointment

Anyone that lives in your household or spends time with your family, including (but not limited to) other family members, nannies, babysitters or extended family members, so their heads can be also checked for lice.

A clean hairbrush for anyone with chin-length hair or longer

Hair that is dry, oil-free and doesn't have any product in it

Samples of lice of nits (lice eggs) that you have found on anyone’s head

An extra coat during the winter months